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So really, am I a loser?


So it’s the start of many things. The start of this blog, the start of this big weight loss effort tomorrow and overall the start of a new segment of my life. So why not subject the public to the details of this “journey” and also pepper in my thoughts on just about anything?

So tomorrow marks the first weight in for the Kansas City Fitness Magazine Weight Loss Challenge 5. I was one of 12 finalists selected and now comes the 12-week competition. This competition is set to be different, they tell us. In the previous four competitions they have set up competitors with trainers at various gyms, but this round is being billed as a “real life” challenge and we won’t be paired with trainers. In a number of ways I think this could make the weight loss far more realistic, but also more difficult initially since the reason we’re all fat (save for the 150 pound girl who is in the competition) is because we have trouble motivating ourselves. So a true Battle of the Bulge.

The sheer public nature of this competition should be enough to get my fat ass motivated. Also, the station where I am managing Web Editor will be doing a weekly segment tracking my progress, so really no room to hide. People are going to know if Big Boy is being lazy.

I am working with a trainer, Erin, who lives in Lawrence, so most of her work will be via e-mail. I asked her for help and can definitely use it as far as guidance, but most of the motivation will have to come from within.

So really, this is a big see what Big Boy has going on. I’m in the process of getting divorced, work a fast-paced job, deal with two great, but energetic kids and I’m trying to not be fat anymore. So this could really go one of two ways. I guess one way or another I will lose something, I’m hoping it will be on good side, but it will be a journey no matter what. You may see me weeping in the corner of my apartment’s gym sniffing around for a cookie somewhere. Who knows?

So the posts will get funnier, but just had to throw out where I’m at. Big Boy better get his rest so I can prepare for the shock of my weigh in tomorrow at 5:30 a.m.